Daily Message ~ Tuesday November 11, 2014

What if you knew with complete certainty that the universe is always conspiring to help you? What if you never had a moment of angst because you knew however things were looking, they were unfolding perfectly for you, even if you couldn’t quite see how yet?

If your faith in the system was absolute, you would be in the energies of acceptance all the time. And it is acceptance that brings the deep and abiding peace you are all craving.

Dear Ones, you spend a tremendous amount of time in worry and doubt, and it does not serve you one bit. Why not start postponing worry and fear and try playing with the energies of faith and acceptance instead?

If about to fall into your usual pit of worry, why not try something different for a change? Perhaps you could tell yourself, “God’s got this.” Or ask, “Universe, please take care of this for the highest good of all.” Or, “Source is always loving me and guiding me.” “There is always a wonderful solution and it is coming together right now for me.”

If sitting in the energies of fear and doubt, time and again, is not giving you the results you wish, why not change your approach? Practicing faith, and acceptance, will bring profound and lasting change to your life, if you simply give it a chance. ~Archangel Gabriel

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