woman standing above the clouds trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Tuesday November 15, 2022

Dear Ones, you have uplevelled considerably over the past several months of your linear time. The energetic intensity lets you know without a doubt that  profound transformation is occurring.

You are wrapping up many old themes and laying the foundation to anchor new experiences and ways of being. You are integrating higher vibrational energy than ever before in a twofold process – part of it due to the universal downloads you have been receiving, and part of it from your own personal embodiment process. Again we tell you what you are doing is no small feat!

We highly recommend you take a moment to soak up the wonder of the times you are in, for they are unprecedented and exactly what you hoped to achieve. We realize sometimes it can be difficult to be fully present during times of intensity, but these times will be gone in what will seem like the blink of an eye, and in future days you will look back on them with amazement for all you have done. The momentum you have created will carry you far and there will be much to discover and savour in the times ahead. Such glorious times, indeed! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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