Daily Message ~ Tuesday November 19, 2013

Dear Ones, love is not a limited commodity that can run out. Many of you feel exhausted by what you thought was love, but it is not love that has left you feeling that way. It is a lack of love, worthiness and appreciation that has left you feeling like that and leery to love again, but to deny love is to deny Source and your own truth.

You cannot be in alignment with Source and ever feel anything but love. Source is an endless wellspring of unconditional love you can tap into whenever you want, that can instantaneously fill you up until you are so full of love it is spilling out of you in all directions. All that is required is to believe and receive.

Once you truly understand you can be overflowing with pure, unconditional love any time you choose, you realize there is more than enough love to go around and you become much more generous in your sharing of it. From choosing to embrace that truth and alignment, you will suddenly find yourself much more peaceful and accepting, loving and BEing, embodying those traits like all the masters before you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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