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Daily Message ~ Tuesday November 20, 2018

As you continue your enlightenment journey, you understand that it is all about growth and expansion. It is because you have become aware of the importance of that expansion you will become more aware of freedom and how essential it is for all beings.

You may naturally start to let go of anything that feels restrictive and start to resonate more and more with things that allow you your own unique expression of freedom.  You may find yourself drawn to rearranging your work life in order to have more time to yourself. You will seek relationships that honour you in your own unique needs for self expression and growth. You will find yourself creating space in any area of your life that had become constrained or restrictive, much like you would clean out your closet and release any old clothes that are too small and uncomfortable to wear.

You will also seek to honour the freedom in all other beings, as you become more aware of how essential an element it is for the health and wellness of all. You will naturally shift into supporting the freedom of others through this new level of understanding and wisdom.  And it will be through this new respect for the sacredness and importance of freedom that your relationship with all things will shift and become more accepting and respectful, as well. This is yet another way that your profound growth is supporting the energies moving forward into the new earth you are all so diligently creating the foundation for. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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