Daily Message ~ Tuesday November 29, 2016


Dear Ones, many of you are in what we call the pregnant pause. It is the space between leaving where you were and not yet knowing where you are going. It can feel disconcerting to say the least.

But your discomfort is a good sign! It is the building up of energy that will catapult you into your new vistas. Think of a baby bird growing in an egg. At some point the build up of energy and discomfort allows the bird to break through into its new reality. The fact that you are uncomfortable is a sure sign that change is coming.

During the pregnant pause it is good to practice self care. Do what brings you joy. Be introspective. Review. What have you learned? What do you wish to create and experience moving forward? Rest. Prepare. Be positive. Remember what you know. Honour the unfoldment. Practice gratitude. By staying surrendered and present you will be poised and ready to move as soon as the energies are supporting action, and you will flow with the greatest amount of ease possible, into your next grand adventure. ~Archangel Gabriel

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