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Daily Message ~ Tuesday October 12, 2021

As you feel into the possibilities of a new day, pay attention to how your body responds to different choices. If you are getting a tension in your body, you are getting a very clear “no, not today”. Look for the things your body relaxes into and flows towards. That is where the energies are inviting you to go, to expand and explore. The path of grace and ease is activated by having the conscious awareness of your body’s energetic responses and following its lead because it will clearly let you know what is being supported for you or not.

And while we understand this is a different way of navigating your life than you are used to, and it will require you to put aside all of your old habits of trying to push the boulder up the hill and considering yourself lazy if you don’t try to power through unsupportive energies, if you just give it a try you will be delighted to discover that overall it is a far more efficient and comfortable system than you have ever experienced before. Allow the waves of the flow to carry and guide you, Dear Ones, for that is exactly how the universe loves you forward. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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