Daily Message ~ Tuesday October 25, 2016


Why not have a surrender experiment? Why not surrender into having the most wonderful day? There doesn’t need to be any grand ritual, just an intention to surrender into having a great day. Then simply allow the day to unfold, following the path of least resistance and any signs or synchronicities from the universe. See if your day was better than most, and how you felt emotionally at the end of your day. Once you have done that for several days, examine how your week is going. Is it better than most? Are you feeling better than usual?

Surrendering with intention always creates supported movement. If not much different has happened with your day, so long as you were surrendered you know it was the best day possible for you, so it takes the guess work out of things. It allows you to relax, and accept, instead of second guessing yourself as humans are prone to do.

What will happen is you will eventually have a day where you forget to surrender, and that is when you will recognize the difference surrender makes in the ease of your day. You will discover that operating through surrender, flow, and intention, really does make your days much better, and it will become your preferred way of doing things.

So we say play with it! Don’t pressure yourself to have 100% compliance. Simply pay attention to how your days go with surrender vs days without. You might even want to keep a journal that outlines any discoveries you make as you experiment. Have fun and find the operating system that makes your life more joyful and magical. ~Archangel Gabriel

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