Daily Message ~ Tuesday October 3, 2017

In older energies you were taught to be on high alert for what was unwanted. This resulted in the automatic judgment of others, which created perpetual rejection and separation between you and others. This was very much a conditioned behaviour, passed down from relatives who were raised in much different times.

Dear Ones, we encourage you to become aware of that old habit and to, with your awareness, change your focus. Why not start to look for the positive aspects of the people you see? Why not look for things that are the same, that connect you, that you can celebrate in each other?

We urge you to retrain your mind to shift from judgment and separation to acceptance and inclusion. Starting to see and acknowledge others as being varied and wonderful individuated aspects of Source energy will allow you to practice acceptance and allowing, and to bring your automatic responses to be in line with the higher vibrating energies you are experiencing now on your planet.

It will allow you to anchor safety, understanding, compassion, and peace, and above all, unconditional love as the uniter of those you come in contact with. It will move you from resistance to acceptance, which will create a greater comfort for you to connect with others.

You are all more than capable to make this shift, in fact, it will be choosing to work with the energies instead of against them. All it takes is your awareness and intention to try a new way of doing things that is so much more in line with your own evolution and beingness. Aren’t you ready to lead with love instead of fear? ~Archangel Gabriel

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