Daily Message ~ Tuesday October 6, 2015

How much time do you spend in tender self care? So many of you are beautifully loving and caring towards others and leave yourselves last.

Listening to your body is self love. Eating food your body is asking for when it needs it is self love. Giving yourself rest is self love. Meditation is self love. Exercise is self love. Taking part in activities that bring you joy is an act of self love. Making choices that support your comfort and wellness rather than sacrifice is an act of self love.

Can you see how none of the above are selfish? You are all so mindful, you fear that to love yourselves will make you selfish or take away from others. We are not asking you to give to yourselves as an act of exclusion to others. Far from it!

We are simply encouraging you to make yourselves equally important as everyone else. We are asking you to include yourselves in the unconditional love and unity consciousness you are here to anchor, support, and experience. We are asking you to love all, fairly and indiscriminately, and that, Dear Ones, begins within. ~Archangel Gabriel

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