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Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 10, 2019

Dear Ones, we understand that you are used to having clear ideas of where to go and what to do, and learning how to navigate in new energies can take some getting used to. Another way to understand it is to realize that 3D, or the old phase you are leaving is linear and constrained, while the new phase is non-linear and limitless.

It can feel daunting to realize that as pioneers there is no map. You are the ones who are creating new pathways and templates through your expanding into the new. And while this may feel foreign to you at first, please know that the true gift of this is that it is giving you the freedom you have been craving for so very long.

You get to try what feels best to you, rather than what others think you should do. You get to lead with your heart. You get to make empowered decisions one now moment at a time. You get to express yourself, joyfully, through your preferences. Your exploration and experiences are what have the most value, which releases you from attachment to outcome. Further, you get to shift into the discovery of what joyful, supported service feels like.

All these things are what your soul has been yearning for. These are the times you couldn’t wait for! Much of the anticipation you have been experiencing – that feeling that something big is about to happen – is your soul jumping up and down with joy and excitement for the opportunity to move fully into the new energies and to finally get to play, unencumbered, in the realm of endless potentials. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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