Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 15, 2015

What percentage of your daily life is fun? Forty percent? Twenty percent? Zero percent? So many of you treat fun as an afterthought, or something you experience only sporadically in your life.
Many of you have been conditioned to believe that fun is frivolous and something that goes by the wayside as you step into maturity. Let us tell you why this is faulty thinking.

It is through following your passions that you find your greatest purpose. When you are having fun, you are feeling fully alive, fully present in your Now moment. It is through your passion and each Now moment that your soul is able to align and draw to you your next, best matching, grand adventure.

It is through following the path of what brings you joy that you continue to grow and expand, experience and evolve. When you stop denying yourself you start to honour yourself, which allows you to thrive energetically, which positively effects all areas of your life.

Do you see? Pushing fun to the back burner is a great disservice to yourself. Make enjoyment a top priority again, and watch yourself come back to embracing your life, which is what we have always wished for you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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