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Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 18, 2018

What would happen if you replaced the need for battling against anything with simply embracing self expression?  What if you gave up struggle for flow?  Doing for being? Martyred service for joyful service? Feel into it. If you pay close attention when you feel into battle and then feel into self expression, you will sense they exist on very different energetic lines of potential. You will feel yourself shift sideways onto different timelines. This is because there are new possibilities that come from every change of focus you make. The same will be with the energetic difference between struggle and flowing, doing and being, sacrificial service vs supported service. Notice how each feels in your body and which ones feel aligned with you and where you wish to go.  What choices allow you to anchor the energy of peace?

So we will answer what will happen if you make these shifts.  You will start to move forward from the strongest power centre you have – your own authentic power and innate wisdom. You will embrace your divine ability to co-create that comes from expressing your own energetics and choosing the highest energetic matches to who you are and what you wish to experience.  You will begin to navigate your life expression based on your own truth, preferences, and what the higher dimensional energies are supporting, which is exactly what will further honour and expand your profound role as a participant in the great shift of humanity. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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