Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 2, 2014

When you practice self love, you will find your ego self settles down. It stops being on high alert for the next threat. Think of it this way. Every time you step forward into your empowerment, your ego self yells, “What about me?!” It is scared it will cease to be important and will make a lot of noise looking for reassurance. Much like a tantruming child, your ego self settles down with calm, balanced, firm energetic guidance and lots of love and attention. When you are being completely and thoroughly self loving and nurturing, all parts of you are secure and prepared to grow and experience your next great adventure. It is the difference between dragging a kicking, screaming, unwilling participant, or having all members of a team willingly moving in the same direction. Self love is the preparation that makes for a far more peaceful, productive, and enjoyable journey. ~Archangel Gabriel

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