multi-coloured spiral trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 21, 2021

Dear Ones, have you noticed how certain themes loop around into your consciousness throughout your life expression? You realize that you can’t slow those things down or speed them up, they come around in their own timing, seemingly of their own volition.

If you have this awareness, you must see how it would be impossible for you to miss anything you need for your growth and expansion. Your soul is incredibly efficient at creating the exact opportunities and intersections you need to support your evolutionary success.

When you stop being on high alert for what is wrong, or what you might be missing, you settle into the now moment. You move out of resistance and perpetual trouble-shooting mode. This creates a far more peaceful flow and a greater experience of your faith and trust, acceptance and allowing.

This new space of ease supports healing and beingness. And from that state, if or when those same issues loop back around again, you can approach them in a brand new, more empowered way as opportunities to see how far you’ve come. It is safe for you to trust the journey. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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