Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 25, 2012

Dear Ones, if you understand that you are each a piece of God, a beloved and valued piece of the whole, and that everything that you do affects not just the one but also affects the whole, why do you continue to abuse yourselves with your negative self talk? Do you see that to abuse yourself in such a manner is only perpetuating victim consciousness? Would you speak the same way to your neighbour? A child? Your favourite archangel? Jesus? Because talking to yourself in such a manner amounts to talking to everyone the same way. You simply cannot heal beyond victim consciousness if you continue to victimize. Please, please start to honour yourselves for the amazing beings you truly are! You are ALL divine, you are all beloved and you are such an integral part of the process that it simply could not happen without each and every one of you. It is time to step into your authenticity, and to do so means you must start to accept the glory of your beingness. ~Archangel Gabriel

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