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Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 26, 2017

Dear Ones, as the energies continue to shift, your relationships will start to evolve as well. The time has come where the old templates of conditional love are being dismantled to be replaced with new templates of unconditional love.

Many of you yearn for unconditional love, and wish to embody it for others. The foundation for unconditional love is acceptance. If you are struggling with moving into a greater expression of unconditional love for both yourself and others, understand acceptance is the key.

You cannot love someone unconditionally and judge them at the same time. You cannot love unconditionally and wish to control someone at the same time. That is trying to apply the old conditional love model on new energies and it will simply not be effective.

As you consciously start to shift your experience and expression of love, let acceptance lead the way. Choose to see the divine capability of each and every person on the planet. Understand they are well guided and capable in their own expressions of self. Celebrate their innate goodness, wherever they may be on their journey. Seek to see the same in yourselves, as well.

Unconditional love loves without condition. It is pure in its expression, and healing, unifying, and supportive in nature. It is not a commodity to be doled out in exchange for good behaviour, but rather a celebration of the divine perfection of all. It flows without expectation or constraint, which creates the ideal environment for the connection, growth, and expansion of everyone involved.

The painful days of shunning or being shunned, of separating and judging, of being deemed worthy or not, are expired energy, Dear Ones. It is your shifting into the acceptance of each and every being as a beloved and integral part of Source energy and creating constancy in love through that acceptance, that will transform the way you connect with each other, and bring a depth to your relationships you have never experienced before. ~Archangel Gabriel

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