Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 4, 2012

Enlightening human beings are so very hard on themselves. They tend to criticize themselves harshly for things they would open-heartedly forgive in others. Dear Ones, as the energies shift so wildly, there will be times you may not react as “spiritually” as you are capable of. Do you understand that is part of the process? You will have days when you are angry, or impatient, or judgmental. You will tend to slip back into those energies when you are not in balance. That is fine. Do not berate yourself for it, simply take it as feedback that you are out of balance and readjust accordingly. This is not Santa Claus spirituality! There is no list with a big black “x” next to your name if you slip up. (laughter) You are perfection in all of it, so love yourselves, forgive yourselves and know that you are remarkable and loved and celebrated through the entire process. ~Archangel Gabriel

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