person arriving in light trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 7, 2021

As wayshowers and forerunners, many of you will arrive at the end of an energetic line of potential and hold space until others can join you there. It may very well be that you aren’t stuck at all but rather so efficient on your journey you are simply waiting for others to meet you in that space. Very old souls tend to be very deliberate and dedicated to their service, so it is common for them to arrive where they are going with plenty of time to spare.

We also want you to understand that a great many of you are doing multi purpose paths, where you are focusing on your own growth, healing, and mastery while showing the way and/or holding space. It is truly remarkable, what you are doing!

Please rest assured that when enough of you meet in that space you will use your collective momentum to disperse into new lines of potential, all of which will involve all kinds of tangible forward movement. Some of you will continue on doing similar kinds of service, while others will change their service completely into something that better matches what they would like to experience in the next phase of their incarnation. It is all unfolding in a beautiful dance of evolution that honours each soul’s intentions perfectly. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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