Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 9, 2014

So many of you are so beautifully mindful, carefully pondering each decision you make in your desire to avoid making mistakes. We love you for your cautious natures, but you are putting so much stress on yourselves!

Dear Ones, your path is self-correcting. All movement is forward movement. Let us explain what we mean by that. If you made a choice that was not in your highest interest, and your intention is to always move forward for the highest good of all, there will be such a huge disconnect between the two, that you would immediately become so uncomfortable that continuing in that direction would be impossible. You would abandon that route, and redirect.

There are no mistakes, simply experiences. Some experiences will be in line with who you are, and how you wish to express yourself, and others will not be. All experiences allow you to further define yourself, and know yourself, and Source, even better. If you look at it this way, you will see the value of experience, and how choosing not to move in any direction would be a huge disservice to yourself.

Again we say to you that you are on the planet to LIVE. So many of you are carrying such seriousness about the enlightenment of both yourselves, and your beloved planet, because you have had previous lifetimes where you have not achieved those goals. That is not the case this time around. You are in the midst, right now, of the ascension process. It is happening, and gaining momentum. The process is set in motion, so you can lighten up a little and enjoy being part of it all. Live. Love. Try new things. Enjoy! Free yourselves up to have the full human experience, knowing that whatever you choose will ultimately lead you where you want to be. ~Archangel Gabriel

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