Daily Message ~ Wednesday April 10, 2013

We invite you to take a moment to stop and appreciate the miracle you really are.  Right now, your body is working seamlessly, so many systems working harmoniously together, to give you your physical form, to sustain life in your body.  You are, in a sense, your own universe within the universe.  Consider all your wonderful talents – that you can speak, that you can move, read, write, dance, love, nurture, teach, and a myriad of other things that make you a unique expression of Source.  Take a moment to see all the things you have accomplished, learned and experienced over the past year, five years, ten years, twenty years of your life expression.  Now, accept that from being the miracle that you are, that you can attract even more miraculous things to you.  You are a vital, amazing, integral part of the much bigger system, and powerful in ways you are just starting to realize. ~Archangel Gabriel

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