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Daily Message ~ Wednesday April 13, 2022

Do you distrust ease? We would like to discuss this very common trait.

Ease is your natural state of being. It is working with the flow that is always supporting and guiding you. It is following your heart from one energetic match to the next. It is simply leading with your own energetics and intentions and allowing the universe to respond in kind. It is allowing yourself to harness the benefits of the ebbs and flows that are designed to serve you and lead you into the discovery of the highest matches that exist for you.

As you gain skill and wisdom, greater ease is the natural result of your efforts. Think of learning how to skate. At first it feels awkward and choppy, and you may even fall a few times, but before you know it you are able to glide along with grace and ease. You wouldn’t distrust your improvement of how you navigate on skates. You would simply accept it as the natural outcome of your efforts. You would trust and allow the expansion and development of your skill.

So if you feel into our points, what is not to trust? You are human beings who have been honing your ability to move with the flow, to release and assimilate energies, and co-create. At what point will you allow yourself to trust those skills? Have you been holding yourself separate from ease due to old invalid belief systems that feed a mistrust of ease? At what point will you give yourself permission to release the old habits of struggle and accept greater ease as both your right and your preference?

Do you secretly think ease is wrong, an indicator that you are lazy, or somehow provides lesser results than struggle? If you are still holding on to the idea that efforting is noble, you are still carrying the martyred service paradigm or the belief that you must prove yourself before you can receive.

Please hear us when we say you are inherently worthy. There has never been a moment in time when you weren’t worthy. You can make so much more of a difference on the planet by using your energy to flow and co-create rather than perpetually exhausting yourself trying to reach some self-imposed level of worthiness before you will allow yourself to receive.

We encourage you to trust your growth, trust the flow, and trust the fact that you are a beloved aspect of the greater whole. We are extending our hand to you as an invitation to dance with us in a flow of co-creation, grace, and far greater ease that will lovingly serve everyone involved, including you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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