Daily Message ~ Wednesday April 30, 2014

So many of you are goal oriented. You choose something you wish to do and then you obsess about that thing until it happens. While having an intention and focus is wonderful and necessary for creation, we find a curious thing happening. Rather than having joy in the process of creation, we find many of you feeling a great unease as you focus on the absence of the thing you desire. It is as if life isn’t good now, until you are in the energy of the thing you want.

Dear Ones, there is no magical “getting there” where you will settle and rest on the laurels of your attainment. You can definitely have pleasure and a sense of wonder and accomplishment when you have successfully created what you wish to experience, but at no point will you stop creating. Once you are at that new plateau, you will create again! You are always growing and expanding and experiencing. That is the whole point of being a human being!

Once you understand this fundamental point, you will shift into having wonder and appreciation for all of your days. You will embrace the gift of each Now moment. You will treat your days like treasure hunts, and live with open expectation. And that, Dear Ones, will bring you to that wonderful sense of accomplishment, peace and joy you’ve been seeking all along. ~Archangel Gabriel

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