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Daily Message ~ Wednesday April 5, 2023

The biggest challenge many of you are facing is learning how to navigate your life moving forward based on what you would like to do vs what you have to do. The first chapter of your incarnation had many ‘presets’ if you will – things on your soul’s to-do list that you wanted to experience. These might include soul contracts to connect and interact with others, a desire to balance karma, service contracts to assist in certain ways, and themes you wished to expand on while you were in the body in your desire to heal them once and for all. For many of you it was all about having a 3D experience.

But you have now wrapped up that phase and are in the process of stepping fully into the new. There are no more presets, no more to-do lists. You navigate your way forward by simply following your heart and honouring however you would like to express yourself. Giving yourself the freedom to do this is an essential aspect of the new energies.

It can feel odd to live your life through preference and self expression. It is not selfish, it is exactly the phase you have worked hard to evolve into. All of your choices will be conscious because you are a conscious being. It is through your preferences you will pioneer into the new, creating possibilities and pathways for others to follow whenever the time is right for them.

Because this phase is rather unquantifiable, it is common to fear you are not doing enough. If you hear one thing from us, hear this. Your presence is more than enough. Your beingness is more than enough because you are anchoring higher vibrational energies on the planet. Your growth and expansion is your service and is what has been driving the shift on your planet. There has never been a time since you have been in a body when you haven’t been in service through your energetics. So rest easy in that truth and know that anything that you choose to do on top of that is, as they say, gravy. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Shelley’s Note: Self love is an element that a lot of us have had trouble with. We are wonderful at helping others but tend to neglect ourselves and our own needs. Gabriel calls our self love the final frontier of the enlightenment process! Because it is so important to the times we are in, I have decided to put my course, Self Love – The Most Important Element of Them All on sale for $99 USD. That’s $50 off!

This is the most comprehensive program I have ever written. You will receive:

6 mp3’s, each one having a talk followed by a meditation to help you experience the teaching in a way that is unique to you.
Accompanying worksheets for each class to help you get the most out of the material.
A document detailing The Art of Writing a Good Affirmation.
And last but not least, an ebook that is a compilation of Gabriel’s daily messages on the topic of self love that you can refer back to whenever you feel you need a little extra support.

If you have been putting off prioritizing your self love practice, now is the ideal time to do it. This is a very in-depth program that can help you shift into finally including yourself in your own wonderful love and care. To read the full course outline or to purchase you can do so here: https://trinityesoterics.com/classes/self-love-the-most-important-element-of-them-all/ and use the coupon code SELFLOVE at the checkout to get your discount. This course created some really profound shifts in me, and I know it can do that for you, too. xo

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