Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 10, 2016


Dear Ones, faith and trust are essential elements because they anchor the divine combination of your empowered operating system which consists of surrender, faith, flow and trust. The energies of faith and trust work together to create the experience of acceptance. Acceptance is the foundation of peace, calm, and patience.

Faith is the belief in the existence of a divine energy. Trust is the knowingness that the divinity you believe in loves you and supports you in all ways. We understand that both of these energies can be difficult to fully embrace because of their intangible nature. This is why we encourage you to work with us, to ask for our help, to surrender and allow yourself to be led and loved.

It is through faith and trust that you show your active willingness to move into that partnership with spirit and be able to stay in surrender and flow. You will start to notice more and more magic and miracles in your life and finally start to see the proof of our existence and endless love for you in more tangible ways.

As you start to experiment with the energies of faith, trust, and surrender, you will start to embrace the flow as the unconditional love of Source that it truly is, and move into a deep appreciation of being such a beloved and valued aspect of that divine whole. You will allow the experience of being sustained and nurtured in all ways, and grace and ease will become your preferred way of being and navigating life. ~Archangel Gabriel

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