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Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 11, 2021

So many of you are starting to understand the importance of self love. Today we would like to discuss the importance of self honour as part of self love.

For many, self love can come with somewhat of a negative focus, seeing yourself as deeply flawed but deciding to love yourself anyways. While unconditional love is a wonderful trait to have, only seeing yourself as less than perfect is doing yourself a great disservice.

Self honour recognizes, acknowledges, and accepts the wonderful entirety of who you truly are. It sees your tender heart, your courage and efforts, the difference you are making, and your true divine nature. It celebrates your successes and your ability to brush yourself off and try again if things don’t go quite the way you would like. Self honour sees yourself as a beloved and important part of both the whole and the shift you are participating in. It gives credit where credit is due.

A lack of honouring the self explains why sometimes people begin to practice self love but find some people don’t treat them any differently. If your self love is based on the idea that you are a mess but love yourself despite it, you aren’t seeing yourself clearly. It is the honouring of self, as an integral part of self love, that adds in seeing the entirety of yourself clearly, which will then be reflected back to you.

Is it time to add self honour into your self love practice? We hope you will give a resounding yes to that idea, for it is through self honour you will remember to celebrate the wonderful things about you, too, and that is essential for moving forward in an authentic and embodied way. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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