Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 16, 2017

When people act out it is because they are uncomfortable, frustrated, overwhelmed and fearful. Because the energies you are in are bringing up so much that is ready to be acknowledged, healed, and released in a very intense way – a way that cannot be avoided any longer – you will see people being reactive in their discomfort.

You do not need to let this throw you – you can hold your space in compassionate understanding as many of you have already dealt with your own activations and have learned how to move with intense energies. You have also done a lot of your own healing work so are out of the throes of the dark night of the soul that is the great activator for so many of you to step onto your enlightenment path.

Think of being a parent to a toddler who has become completely overwhelmed to the point where they have succumbed to having a tantrum. You understand they have reached a place where they simply cannot deal with where they are. The tantrum acts as a great dispeller of energy.

If you stay in a calm, empowered space as their caretaker, you are able to acknowledge their discomfort and the fact they have reached their limit. You can keep them safe and create the conditions they need to release so they can come back to themselves.

If you allow their overwhelm to affect you, or if you also get reactive, the energy only accelerates. Your frustration adds to the overwhelm, until the energy compounds and before you know it, both you and the child are tantruming in your own way. You quickly learn the fastest way to diffuse the situation is to hold your space and become the energetic anchor and the empowered leader.

Dear Ones, we understand the energies are intense and difficult to navigate right now. Use your skills. Apply what you know. Hold the space. Trust in your own capability. Your ability to stay balanced and aligned allows you to be of far greater service than you know. ~Archangel Gabriel

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