Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 17, 2016


Impatience, frustration and anxiety are at an all time high for many of you. We want you to understand that those emotions are normal during such times of energetic intensity. We would like to offer some tips to help you move through these periods with greater comfort and ease.

It is extremely common for human beings to assume things are wrong if they are not seeing tangible results for their efforts. We remind you that the flow consists of both the lull and action phases. When you are in a lull, a space where it seems like not much is going on, it is a time for rest, for integration, and to give yourself whatever you need to be comfortable and to move with the energies. It is a time to simplify, to spend time in good tender self care and doing activities you enjoy. It is a time where you are releasing or integrating energies to prepare for the action phase of your journey. If you think of it that way, you will understand that the very existence of the lull indicates you are in preparation for the action phase that is gathering elements and aligning to break through.

It is, by far, your resistance to any phase that creates discomfort. With wisdom and practice, you will come to the point where you seamlessly adjust to what energies are available to you at any given time, which will allow you to fully harness the gift of either stage. Acceptance and surrender are the anti-dotes to resistance, and will bring instant relief. It is your faith and trust that anchors acceptance. Dear Ones, even if you doubt that your are unconditionally loved by all of your guides and helpers, and that everything is unfolding with divine perfection, stop and look at how nature operates. All aspects of life on your planet work with ebb and flow. The waves come in, the waves go out. You breathe in, you breathe out. One always follows the other. You are one with the natural rhythms of the planet. That is a tangible that you can see yourself as part of.

Another way to give yourself the proof and reassurance you seek is to simply ask us for signs and start to look for the magic and support that is all around you. The synchronicities and guidance from the universe is always there for you, if only you think to ask and have the eyes to see.

You are all doing a magnificent job! Trust that your inner wisdom, your soul, your highest self is masterfully leading you, along with your courage, intention, and conscious, loving heart, to the exact moments you are wishing to experience. There is a beautiful unfoldment happening here for you, and it is all happening because of you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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