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Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 2, 2023

We spoke yesterday of how the reemergence of a theme can be a sure sign of your evolution. This might lead you to ask, “How do I know a theme is showing up again due to growth or because I’m somehow blocked and missing something?”

It is quite easy to tell the difference. If you are blocked or missing growth opportunities within a theme, you will be feeling quite triggered. Likely the theme has been a constant, as your soul has been trying to get your attention to address it. You may still be having the same thoughts you have always had about it, or be very resistant to even look at it.

If you have experienced growth within a theme, you will have had a break from it for a while. When it comes back around, you will have less emotional charge about it. You will be able to examine it with curiosity and see something new that you hadn’t been able to see before.

Generally speaking, each time a theme comes around it becomes easier and easier to look at. That is because you are gaining mastery over the theme, and are no longer feeling powerless about it. The first times you are really willing to explore it often are the most difficult but the first steps are also the most powerful because you are taking your power back. While we understand it is never fun to look at difficult topics, what is even more painful is feeling powerless in the face of them and trying to stay in a state of unconsciousness with them.

The fear of looking at your theme is often worse than actually doing it, so we encourage you to begin to take baby steps of exploration, secure in the fact that your guides, angels, and highest self will be there loving you through every step. It is work that you will be happy you did because it will lead you to greater peace every time that theme comes around until it holds no charge for you at all. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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