Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 24, 2016


Dear Ones, just as you may resonate with certain spiritual paths, teachers, healing modalities, or areas on your planet, so it is with the areas you feel drawn to offer your loving service to. Some of you may be passionate about helping animals, others may feel called to help people, to lend your energy to certain causes, or to assist the planet in specific ways. We urge you to stop making others wrong if they are not feeling the same draw as you are to a certain area of service.

These many different service paths ensure that diverse areas of need get attention. It is through your mindful activism you will raise awareness and find others who feel drawn to that particular area to help. People will help in the ways that best honour their own particular soul paths. There are many on your planet who may seem like they are doing nothing at all but who are in reality being of tremendous service to the planet and her grids by holding and transmuting energies in a certain areas. You simply do not know what another’s soul agenda is.

When you judge people and the way they care, you create separation in a time when your planet is striving to unify. You could even dissuade someone from trying to assist at all if they are feeling that everything they do is wrong to someone. Embrace what you feel passionate about, be your service, and accept that just as you have found your perfect match of purpose, others will find theirs, too. We urge you to focus on and celebrate the common denominator in all of it, which is souls evolving, caring, and serving in their own unique ways, which energetically can only support the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel

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