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Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 24, 2022

Fear of judgement is a very common theme for many enlightening human beings. This is one of the things that holds many of you back from reaching your highest potentials.

We wish to offer you this about judgement. Judgement does not necessarily mean you are wrong. When another judges you, all they are really saying is that what you are doing would not be a match for them on their journey. In no way does this automatically mean that what you are doing is not a match for you on your journey.

The thing about judgement is you will never be able to completely avoid it on a 3D planet. That is because every person has a unique soul agenda, and most can’t see that what wouldn’t work for them is exactly what another is meant to do and experience. (Interestingly, if they did have the ability to see that, they would be viewing you from a higher vibrational layer and from that space they would have no interest in judging you. The very fact that another is engaging in judgement indicates they are not qualified to do so.)

The way to keep other people’s judgement from deterring you from doing what your heart is calling you to do is to understand that what people are really saying is not that you are wrong because they do not have the vantage point to know what your journey is meant to contain. What they are really saying is simply that your choices are not a match for them, and that is perfectly ok. It would be a very boring and inefficient world if everyone was the same!

If you keep following your heart and guiding yourself with your wisdom you will not make a mistake, so we urge you to be true to your path and your soul’s desires. The only mistake you could possibly make would be allowing the opinion of others who are not qualified to advise you to keep you from stepping into your most glorious expression of self. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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