Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 29, 2012

Meditation, whatever form it takes for you, whether it is sitting in stillness, using visualization, walking in nature, driving in your car, creating art or music, writing, or simply BEing in whichever way feels best to you, is absolutely vital for keeping your balance and comfort over the coming days, weeks and months. By putting this time aside for yourself, you are allowing yourself to energetically adjust and shift, willingly and with ease, right along with the the energies of Gaia. You are making your wellness a priority, which is always an act of self love, and you are also supporting yourself vibrationally, which in turn supports the whole. We cannot stress enough how incredibly helpful and supportive this practice is to you. Dear Ones, we understand how busy your lives can be, but we would say to you that the busier your lives are, the greater your need for this sacred practice. We are always here to assist you. Help us help you by putting aside the time to commune with us. ~Archangel Gabriel

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