Daily Message ~ Wednesday December 11, 2013

Many people have been somewhat apprehensive about the challenging astrological aspects that are to occur on Christmas day. While it is true that they are not necessarily the easiest alignments, what you are not taking into account is the massive influx of Christed energy that always floods your planet as so many celebrate the birth of Christ.

Dear Ones, the Christed energies are healing. They are supportive. They contain unconditional love. They create miracles and lasting positive change, and are only designed to assist you in moving forward for the highest good of all.

So do not approach your holiday with trepidation. Know that the golden Christed energy is a blessing for all, and supports peace, unconditional love, harmony and unity consciousness. Isn’t that exactly what you would want to embrace on such a sacred and holy day? ~Archangel Gabriel

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