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Daily Message ~ Wednesday December 7, 2022

Dear Ones, if you could only see your energetics, you would be amazed! Your field is a wondrous amalgamation of all your experiences, your current level of attainment and embodiment, your skills, your preferences, your unique vibration, and the love that you are. The more you allow your connection to Source and your true divine nature, and recognize yourself as a beloved and essential part of the whole, the more glorious your light becomes. It is a joy and an honour to see you shimmer and shine as you come Home to yourselves through your own individual enlightenment processes. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

I’ll be appearing on Beyond the Ordinary tonight to talk all about Self Love – Why The Hype? at 8 pm eastern time. If you’ve never joined a call with me and John Burgos, let me tell you it is always a fun, heart-centred, and expansive ride! If you can’t attend live, our call will be recorded so you don’t miss out. To join us for this free, interactive call you can sign up here:

Hope you’ll join us!

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