Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 13, 2013

Do you go through life on the lookout for the next disaster?  Guarded against people because they might hurt you?  Planning everything to the nth degree to avoid surprises?  Dear Ones, if you are always in troubleshooting mode you will always find more trouble to shoot!  You cannot live an empowered life expression when you are in the fetal position in the corner terrified of what might happen to you next. When you live your life in such a restrictive, “what if” kind of way, you greatly limit your ability to move into a more desirable life experience.  Further, through your focus you will only create more of what you do not want, until you are completely battered and worn.  For many of you, the family conditioning you have been exposed to was originally a response to lack, be it from a depression era, war time or poverty.  Release those old thought patterns once and for all!  As a human being of light entering a brand new age, understand that you are not just energetic pioneers, but pioneers of empowered thought and creation as well!  Let your belief systems reflect what you want more of.  Practice honing your focus to look out for what you want more of.  Find the beauty, the joy, the miracles that are everywhere if you only take a moment to see them.  By doing so you will be working with the universe in a way that will actually create what you wish to experience. ~Archangel Gabriel

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