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Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 14, 2018

On this day where the focus is on love, you may feel celebration for the love that you have, you may feel a heightened awareness of what you perceive as the absence of love in your life, or you may be sitting in a space of judgment waiting to see if someone will show you what you consider to be an appropriate display of love for you. What if you treated Valentine’s Day much the same way you do Thanksgiving? What if the basis of the day could be simply gratitude with no expectation?

“But Gabriel”, you may say. “I don’t have love in my life right now. How can I practice gratitude for what I don’t have?” Please understand that every single symbol of love you see, whether it is in a store, on television, or online, is clear evidence from the universe that love is not only making its way to you, love is responding to your essence! You would not see any of it if it were not so.

For every rose, every heart, every lover’s kiss you may see, it is showing you that you are a vibrational match to love and how close it is drawing to you. Be open to the energy of love that surrounds you, grateful for the signs that it is all around you, and through that gratitude you will be open to both the giving and receiving of love. You will be celebrating its presence rather than absence. You will use the day to move into even greater vibrational alignment with it.

If you have gratitude for every bit of love that shows up from your loved one if you are in a partnership, you will be anchoring the energy that can only support the experience of more and more love. It is appreciation more than any other element that will keep your love vibrant and alive.

But more than anything, if you can take this day of love as a beautiful opportunity to shine the love that you are, you will be sending ripples of love across the universe in a grand declaration of self, and that, Dear Ones, is a glorious thing to behold.

We also hope you will open your hearts to receive the tremendous love we have for you, as it is our joy to express it to you. Celebrating the love that is always there, in its many forms, is how to magnify its presence in your life, today and always. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Shelley’s note: While we are on the topic of love…there will be an encore of my continued conversation with John Burgos on twinflames and soul connections tomorrow on Beyond the Ordinary! Tune in at 8 pm EST as John and I explore these relationships and Gabriel answers a wide variety of caller questions! You can listen at

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