Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 17, 2021

While doubt can certainly be a stagnating energy, it doesn’t have to be. Doubt is an invitation to use discernment, an opportunity to connect with your own inner wise one and discover your own truth.

So if you are experiencing doubt rather than simply sitting in it, we encourage you to dig deeper. Get curious about what you are doubtful about and why that is. Is your intuition telling you something? Are you simply seeking clarity or a new alignment? What is your truth about the topic? What further energy is there for you to harness, heal, or release to support your forward movement? What are your energetic preferences and what do you wish to create? How can you use this experience to further empower you in your growth and expansion?

Doubt can be a wonderful reevaluation tool that helps you discover your energetic clarity on any topic or situation. It can also be an indicator of unhealed or frightened parts of yourself that need your love and attention in order to feel secure enough to move forward on the next exciting leg of your journey. It has much to offer you if you are willing to look beyond the energy itself. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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