woman on beach with sun breaking through trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 19, 2020

An interesting question to ask yourself might be, “Am I being or am I reacting?”  When you are being, you are calm, balanced, and operating through your truth. It is a state of embodiment and empowerment. When you are reacting, you have stopped being your own energetic leader. Rather than being the bringer of energy you are the responder of energy. You are always playing catch up, if you will, rather than blazing your own trail.

The more you prioritize connecting with your own true essence, in whatever unique ways work for you, the more you will stay centred in your authentic power because it will become your new norm. It is a skill set like anything else! You won’t be perfect at it but with your awareness you can simply redirect, time and again, and before you know it, it will become your preferred way to approach life. Be kind and gentle with yourselves.

Tend to your inner reactor should it bubble up and give it whatever acknowledgement, reassurance, and care it requires, as your own loving parent, guide and leader, and you will find that when that need is consistently met it activates less and less.

Every trigger is not a failure, rather, it is an opportunity to deepen the experience of your own mastery. Know that with every mindful shift and loving redirection you make, you are contributing to your own life, and the energy of whole, in a very beautiful and profound way. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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