Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 22, 2017


Dear Ones, fear can come up in many ways for human beings. In some ways fear serves you by keeping you safe from danger, but in most cases fear just keeps you in a state of stagnation and contraction. One of the most common fears people experience is fear of judgment.

Fear of judgment has been well ingrained in you over the years – fear of the judgment of an angry, vengeful God, fear of being judged for your spirituality or gifts and either put to death or tortured for it, and fear of judgment from others resulting in you being shunned.

Feel how old that energy is! As an enlightening human being on an ascending planet, not only are you safe to shine in your truth and divinity, it is your sacred calling. You are in times, right now, that support you in that mission more than any other time you have been on the planet.

So how do you know if you are holding yourself back from doing something out of fear of judgment? Simply ask yourself what you would do if you didn’t know one single person on the planet. That will help you discern very quickly what your truest desire is, and if you are holding yourself back based on what others might think.

What continues to drive your fears is the attachment to result. As you shift away from the ideas of good and bad, success and failure, and start to understand that the true value is in experience, you will take the pressure off yourselves. You will start to play with more confidence with the energies of flow, unfoldment, and following the path of what will bring you joy, for that is what will honour what the soul wishes to do, which is to grow and expand.

Dear Ones, you are on the planet to pioneer. That means living your life by your own inner GPS, your own guidance system. Your path may not be what other people would choose for themselves, and that is ok. In fact, that is wonderful because you are all on the planet to offer your own unique gifts and energy.

You will find the way to honour your own needs and sacred journeys in ways that are firm, yet mindful and kind. By doing so you will be beautiful leaders by example, encouraging the self expression and freedom of others, as the qualified experts of their own life expressions. ~Archangel Gabriel

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