Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 24, 2016

As you move forward in these ever evolving energies, you will start to see more and more clearly that attempts to practice conditional love, control, judgment, and making decisions from the head are less and less supported, and the energies of unconditional love, flow, acceptance and making decisions from the heart are giving relief and results like never before. This has become more obvious to remind you, time and again if necessary, that the old ways and habits simply don’t work any more, and it is time to transition into a more empowered, heart-centred way of doing things.

It is much like an operating system on your computer that no longer has support. Even though it is what many of you know and have become very comfortable with, it is only a matter of time until it becomes too difficult to use and it is time to transition into the newer way of doing things. You can embrace the new system right away or you can choose to drag your feet until the frustration of using a system with no support becomes too much and you decide to finally embrace the newest version. With any new operating system, there is always a bit of a learning curve, but before you know it, you will become comfortable with it and see how it truly is an improvement over the old way.

So again, Dear Ones, you get to choose whether you embrace change at the first opportunity or wait until it is impossible to stay the same because it has become far too uncomfortable, but beautiful, forward, supported movement is always available to you, to give you exactly what you need to grow and thrive in this profound Shift you are such a pivotal part of. ~Archangel Gabriel

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