Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 8, 2017


Stop and go energy can be frustrating, we understand, when you are excited to move forward with your creations. When there is forward movement you see things as good, and when it stalls you see it as bad.

When things seem to stop moving, it does not mean that progress has stopped being made. It simply means that there are elements that are required to make your creation sustainable over the long term. It is merely a pause, a collecting of elements if you will, an allowing of things to come together behind the scenes, to further support your creation. In a sense, you can think of it as the universe responding in kind to what you have started.

When a race car makes a pit stop during a race, it does not mean that it is not making progress, or out of the race. It merely means it is taking a momentary pause to give it everything it needs in order to complete its mission. The driver knows this and keeps his focus on the goal, as he allows everyone else to do their jobs in support of that shared vision.

It is no different for you, Dear Ones, so please be reassured that the momentary pauses in your progress are simply your universal pit crew rushing in to give you what you need for your long term success. ~Archangel Gabriel

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