Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 11, 2017


If an emotion comes up into your awareness, the first thing to do is honour its presence. It is there to serve you in some way. Once you have acknowledged it, you can then start to explore it. Ask, “Is this mine?” You may be feeling energy from the collective, in which case you can simply observe it as release and send it on its way.

If it is yours ask, “Is it relevant to a certain situation?” Your feelings might be giving you additional feedback to something you are considering in your life. For example, if you are thinking about accepting a certain job and your entire being is responding with anxiety, your body is letting you know it is not a good energetic match to you. Thank your body for the warning and consider how to proceed in a way that fits well with you energetically.

Another helpful question to ask when an emotion comes up is, “Is this pertinent to this lifetime?” Many old wounds, beliefs, and conditioning are coming up for release. This question will allow you to recognize if it is old stuff on its way out, in which case you can be thankful to see you are continuing beautifully on your enlightenment process.

A fascinating series of questions to ask any emotion are the following: “What are the gifts of this emotion for me? How does it serve me? What does it want to tell me?” By exploring what you are feeling you stay out of resistance and allow the emotion to offer its purpose to be fully experienced. It keeps you in full presence and acceptance, and from that space it will begin to lift once its message has been delivered. An emotion will always persist until you allow it to serve its full purpose to you.

Once you have absorbed all you can from an emotion, you can simply let it go. It will simply abate, dissipate, lift, or lessen. At that point you get to choose what you would like to replace it with. Often the energies of peace, calm, healing, or simply love are perfect to fill the space that is left behind.

Dear Ones, you do not need to pull the covers over your head to avoid your emotions! They, like everything else, are present to serve and guide you, and have much information and wisdom to offer you. They allow you to have the full human experience, that of feeling, and are precious commodities to you in all ways. ~Archangel Gabriel

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