Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 21, 2015

We ask you to stop and ponder a few ideas today. What if nothing was ever wrong? What if you let go of the idea of being broke, or alone, or sick? What if you saw each person, no matter what they were doing, as someone who was competently experiencing exactly what they needed to for their own growth and expansion? What if you truly, fully realized that the only thing you ever really have to do is BE?

As you read those ideas, do you have resistance? Feel under that resistance and try on the truth of each statement. How would that change your life? How would you live or behave differently? What would life look like for you if you stopped pushing against all the illusion and embraced your divinity?

Dear Ones, a life without resistance is a life of flow, a life of creation, a life of experience, of joy, of love, of abundance, and it is yours to surrender into whenever you wish. ~Archangel Gabriel

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