child under heart shaped tree trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 26, 2022

Dear Ones, your innocence can never be lost. If you have experienced events in your life where you feel that happened, it indicates fragmentation occurred. The fragmentation happened because the parts of you were innocent were preserving themselves.

So what we are saying is, your innocence is not lost, it is simply waiting for you to reclaim those innocent aspects of self and give them the love, guidance, and safe space they always deserved. You can do that by simply getting into a meditation and inviting those aspects to step forward and make their presence known. Open your arms and invite them to rejoin you with a promise to meet their needs and keep them safe.

The reclamation of all aspects of self is essential to move forward in an empowered and cohesive way in the new energies. When you have all parts of you in cooperation with your forward movement you will find the path much easier to embrace and navigate. You become your own wise and loving parent and guide and a beautiful example of unity consciousness that begins with the acknowledgement and inclusion of all aspects of you.

It is through the reintegration of these aspects a much greater feeling of wholeness can be found, and from there your choices and experiences change in the most profound ways. We urge you to release the idea that you are ever irrevocably broken and understand that it’s you that you’ve been waiting for all along to show up as your own loving leader and healer. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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