Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 4, 2017


Dear Ones, a very simple way to start to live in a way that matches who you are and what you desire, is to consciously choose your preferred energy and act from there. You wish for more peace? Find the energy of peace within yourself and then proceed. You wish to experience more love? Fill yourself up with love and then go about your day. Want to experience more kindness? Align with the energies of kindness within yourself and then allow that to lead the way.

Aligning into the energy you desire more of is choosing a destination for your personal navigation system. You have the intention first, then by choosing to shift into that energy you have taken action. Rather than talking about what you would like to do in the future, it is far more efficient to embody whatever elements of that future you possibly can now. That immediately puts the energy of your dreams into your present, and then sets the wheels of creation in motion. We simply cannot stress enough the power your beingness has on your future experiences. ~Archangel Gabriel

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