Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 8, 2014

Just like so many of you in North America have been experiencing a deep freeze, you may be feeling like you have been frozen in place, energetically, since the beginning of the new year. You have lots of ideas of what you would like to do or create, yet things don’t seem to be moving. Don’t despair! You are simply in place, adjusting into the energies of a brand new year. You might think of it as a large wall of ice in front of you, holding you still as you integrate and shift into the energies of 2014. Come mid-January, a symbolic warm wind will blow in and melt the ice. The ice will turn into water, which, if you stay surrendered, will flow you right into the movement you have been anxious to start experiencing. All is well, Dear Ones, and as always, divinely perfect. ~Archangel Gabriel

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