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Daily Message ~ Wednesday July 11, 2018

Dear Ones, you are entering a period of energetic intensity. We wish to offer you some tips to help you navigate this time with the greatest amount of ease possible.

If you find yourself uncomfortable, the first step is to simply stop and consciously direct love at your body and your being. Imagine wrapping yourself up in the most wonderful energetic hug. Sit and breathe and enjoying being present in the love that you are. If you need extra support, ask your angels and masters to also wrap you up in their love and simply enjoy being in that alignment.

Play “In This Right Now Moment”. Look around and see everything that is working for you. See that you are absolutely fine and absolutely safe. Don’t worry about what is coming next, simply anchor in the Now moment. As you connect with the present, look for things to be grateful for and give thanks both to the universe and to yourself for the creation of all the blessings in your life.

Breathe. If you are in discomfort you are also in resistance. Breathe out that resistance and breathe in acceptance. Ask spirit to assist you in adjusting your energy to move through the shifting energies with more comfort. Utilize the divine combination of surrender, faith, flow, and trust. Know that the discomfort is temporary but the energetic transformation you are going through is permanent.

Last, have compassion for others, as well. Be the love. Understand others are uncomfortable, too, and may not have the skills to navigate the intensity with grace and ease. Don’t take things personally if people are reactive, merely see it as a declaration of their own personal discomfort.

We understand that intensity seems to be your new normal. That is true for where you are right now, but it will level out in time. Your planet and her inhabitants are going through a phase of accelerated growth. These are the exact times you couldn’t wait to experience, and you are all doing a remarkably fine job!

You are all getting better at shifting and integrating energies, as it is a skill set like any other. These are exciting and transformative times, and you get to be part of the ground crew to witness them first hand. This is a great honour for your soul, and part of your gift to humanity. As always, we love, honour, and celebrate you for your courage and service as the pioneers of an ascending planet. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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