Daily Message ~ Wednesday July 17, 2013

Dear Ones, hear us when we say that you have every last thing you need in place for whenever you may need it. You are such doers and fixers! Remember that the flow will take you to exactly where you need to be and to whatever elements or supports you may need as you navigate your life expression.

Look at the energies flooding your planet! If your pineal gland needs activating, the energies will facilitate that. Just as your physical body has innate intelligence that knows exactly what to do to grow and evolve, so does your spiritual body. The universe is absolutely creating the perfect elements for your evolution. There is no specific meditation, attunement, or activation required as the sun and other planets, the energetic influx you are receiving, the guides and helpers, and your beloved Gaia are taking care of it beautifully. Of course, if it brings you joy to feel that you are doing something to assist the process, we encourage you to continue. But please know that you will not “miss the boat” if you do not partake in a certain activity.

If you do nothing more than surrender, stay in the flow and practice gratitude, acceptance, allowing, and BEing, you will be living from your highest vibrational state and navigating your path with the greatest ease, love, support, joy, beauty and excitement you’ve ever known. ~Archangel Gabriel

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