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Daily Message ~ Wednesday July 19, 2023

Your embodiment process is the discovery of your own divine capability as the empowered creator of your life expression. As you move further and further along your evolutionary journey, you come to realize you are an individuated aspect of Source energy and as such, there is nothing stronger than you. You either give your power away or you don’t.

As you sit with this idea, we invite you to be very honest with yourself and simply explore the ways you may be in the habit of giving your power away. Why do you do that? To please others? Because you think it would be too hard to shift out of that pattern? Are you afraid of change or how others will react to it? Are you reluctant to give up the old disempowered story of you because you’ve identified with it for so long?

The fact is, while those are very common fears, none of them are valid enough to make you deny your own growth and truth. By honouring the unfoldment of your evolutionary process, you serve not only yourself, but others and the planet, as well. It is safe for you to begin to shift out of the old and embrace the new, empowered you. In fact, that is exactly what your soul has been encouraging you to do all along. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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