Daily Message ~ Wednesday July 24, 2013

The vast majority of human beings agree that peace is what they want, both for themselves and for the planet, but for many peace is a vague notion. What is peace to you? More importantly, to anchor the energies of peace on your planet, what are you doing to experience peace within yourself? As with all creation, it must begin within. You may say, I find peace when I am at the lake, or on vacation, which of course, is wonderful. But what do you do to find peace within yourself when you cannot go to those places? Practicing acceptance and allowing, which really are aspects of faith, facilitate a feeling of peace. Also, of course, being still, embracing the Now, meditation, gratitude, forgiveness both for self and others, and simple pleasures all support the energies of peace within self. It is when the human beings of the planet find and nurture that place of peace within, that your planet will move into the age of peace and enlightenment that you all wanting to experience. ~Archangel Gabriel

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