Daily Message ~ Wednesday July 26, 2017

Dear Ones, you are all on the planet in unprecedented times, receiving unprecedented energies. There is no blueprint for this, as you are all the co-creators, the pioneers of the expansion of your lives and the planet. This is what you were all so excited to experience! The times your soul could not wait to step into are right now. You are ready for it.

Because there is no template for what you are doing now, this is an experience of vast expansion, self expression, and freedom. Many of you have been conditioned to fear your authentic power and divine capability and as such, fear the freedom you are moving into. Hear us when we say that you are more than ready for it.

The entirety of your incarnation up until this point has been preparing you for these times. You are sensitive. You are mindful. You are loving. You are in touch with your core values that desire a new earth that holds unconditional love, support, acceptance, unity consciousness, and peace. Your true preferences and intentions have been present in you from the time you took your first breath.

As pioneers, you cannot get it wrong. You get to choose, and if something does not feel quite right, you get to choose again. Lead from your heart. Don’t be afraid to expand into energies beyond anything you thought was possible. Allow the endless support of the universe to guide you beyond what is known, into the highest potentials you cannot see from your vantage point.

Take one mindful step at a time, one now moment at a time, allowing your beautiful awakened sacred hearts to lead the way, and bask in the glory of the times you have finally arrived in. You are completely capable in all of it, because you simply would not have gotten to this point if it were not so. ~Archangel Gabriel

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